He promised to kiss me under the Eiffel Tower quite a few years ago.". "I especially enjoyed L'Orangerie. "Boatride on the Seine!!! Learn something new each time I go.". Michaelanne was a superb guide committed to ensuring that the entire group experienced a well informed historical perspective on this city. 3.- Julie has a unique leadership quality. "There were so many great moments, it is honestly hard to choose. This morning we'll tour the Orsay Museum, home to the world's greatest collection of Impressionist art with works from Monet and Degas to Cézanne and Gauguin and beyond. It happened to be Bastille Day and there was a celebration that we never expected to take part in. This was my first tour. This was my third Rick Steves tour and did not disappoint. All my travel mates were so easy to get to know. As we passed beneath the first bridge, Julie uncorked a bottle of champagne and served it to all of us. I've been to Paris several times, yet I never felt that the tour was redundant. The staff and service is excellent. Our local guide was excellent.". The Hotel Londres Eiffel was a perfect location for this trip with great breakfast each day. (Or Rodin Museum) With the Rick Steve's Paris book, the neighborhood walks were great. I appreciated the opportunity to learn the metro. Terms of Service | Privacy, Eiffel Tower ticket tips for tour members, 7-day Métro subway and bus transportation pass, 6-day Paris Museum Pass, allowing free admission throughout the city. And a great orientation to Paris and what we would like to do and see on our next visit. "The Palace of Versailles was by far my biggest wow of several wows. The Hotel Duquesne Eiffel was a great location, although for the price the rooms were small. Itinerary was great and provided lots of time for personal exploration. and surprised us all with that nice extra touch.". Great experience! (We are adults! We even used it the day after the tour ended to go to airport from our hotel. Tour itinerary was very complete and flexible. Our Tour guide Julie was fantastic and helped us all enjoy Paris to the fullest. Michaelanne did a great job of making everyone feel welcome and at ease from the very beginning. Everything was perfect. There was a nice balance of showing you local customs and how to get around on your own, as well as time to use your new found experience. "I loved how walkable Paris was during our time there. Learning about the acknowledgment by the French government of its compliance with Hitler in deporting Jews to the concentration camps, and the building of Sacre Couer to honor French citizens killed by their own government during one of the revolutions, made me think of how much my young country has to learn with regard to reparations.". But my 2nd "wow" moment was the Roman baths at the Cluny Museum. We did a lot of walking, but it was a great way to justify eating so much of the wonderful French food! An excellent introduction to Paris, comprehensive, multidimensional, various perspectives. "Our evening at the Louvre was insightful. Our fellow tour participants were interesting and congenial.The one concern about the tour was its pace.Getting through the daily itinerary seemed to be a requirement;hence I felt we were pretty much on the march most of the day without time to absorb moments of interest. She was smart, friendly, full of information and seemed to enjoy herself as much as the rest of us did. I traveled to Paris with my mother, having arrived a few days prior to the tour starting. "Paris itself was my overall "wow" moment.". Based on your timings, I would probably suggest something like the following: It was a well-paced tour with a good balance of free time with structured activities. Great tour. Then you'll be set free for the afternoon to explore more of the city. "Effiel tower twinkling on the hour at night, and being just 3 blocks away from the tower allowed us to walk back to it night after night.". She made each day joy-filled and enjoyable! I am happy that we did. or guided tour of pere lachaise. The full length windows were open and a beautiful sunny day was outside. Loved dinner out with our group and sharing details of our daily tours and lives.". That was the Wow! Thank you!! She gave us a little art history to help us appreciate all the great works.. in a fun way!". But, the group dynamic did seem different as you're not together on the coach. Our travel companions were flexible, and it was true that there were hardly any complainers, and folks went with the flow. "Having my fellow travelers sing happy birthday to me at midnight on the streets of Paris with the Eiffel Tower twinkling in the background.". Paris is large and can be overwhelming to explore. My knowledge of European history is limited, and Antoine and the other guides brought the history to life through the city tour, the architecture and art. Breakfast is provided, but there are no group activities today. "Lunch with new friends at a "local" restaurant in Montmarte. "As an art history major, I'd have to say the Musee d'Orsay was especially satisfying.". What a fantastic 7 days in Paris! So glad I talked my childhood girlfriend into coming along...we had a blast. What an extraordinary experience overall! What is beautiful is we all took away something extraordinary that we learned. Paris in 7 days was a wonderful experience. The tour was a perfect fit for my wife and myself. Montmartre was a great experience and who can forget the bust of Dalida! We had a great time. The Monet exhibit, no wait. Virginie made the tour feel like we were all family. Informative friendly guides that truly care about their customers. She was also very helpful in recommending venues that were not in the official tour, such as concerts, light shows etc. And to add to an already-delightful experience, Steve Smith accompanied us on the tour. All of our fellow tour members were enjoyable and fun to be with. Plus, Elizabeth at the Musee Lourve! "We enjoyed so many incredible experiences – visiting Versailles, strolling through the Orsay, cruising the Seine. The emphasis on culture, history, variety, accelerated daily pace, fine food, and highly qualified and entertaining tour guides was just what I'd hoped for. "How hokey is this - the Eiffel Tower sparkling for 5 minutes at the top of the hour. Our tour guides new what, where and how's to ensure we got great access to all the big venues.". I can't say enough about our guide Marie, who is a treasure. Our hotel was the cutest to start with, so close to the Metro, Military Museum, Napoleons Tomb and the Eiffel Tower. . "So hard to choose only one "wow" moment, but I'd say sitting on the top deck of the Seine River cruise on the last night enjoying the sights while reflecting on all of the marvelous events of the week's tour.". Efficient public transportation led to the ability to explore and revisit several areas from our tour.". Lots of room for independent exploration with plenty of support whenever we wanted it -- ç'est merveilleaux! "I have been to Paris before so I experienced the oh wow moments years ago. Gob smacked.". No bus. No bus. The itinerary combined organized time as well as a generous amount of free time to pack as much additional sightseeing as one could manage. And, it didn't hurt that she seemed to be having as much fun as we were! "Monet's work at the Marmottan & Orangerie. Every moment seemed filled with the excitement of "taking in" the grandness of Paris. We were given the boat tickets and told we could use them at our leisure as a wine tasting was scheduled in it's place. We had just the right amount of time to spend on our own and with the group. Her stories and extensive knowledge about what we were looking at truly enriched our experience. The timing of all activities were perfectly synchronized. This evening, Europe's greatest museum — the Louvre — is open late, and we'll take full advantage of that. "My tour of the Dallas Opera house with Paul and Jim.". This was a very well organized tour of Paris. see our FAQ. See our FAQ | Call Being in Paris during Christmas holidays and Seeing Eiffel Tower everyday, Bus ride down the champs-Elysees at night. We loved every minute of our experience. This trip fit very nicely with our schedule and we felt very fortunate to be in Paris during Christmas. Taking Rick Steves' advice and asking to be seated upstairs at Laduree on Champs-Elysees and having tea and their special chocolate tart then finding a Laudree on Rue Cler and having tea and a raspberry macaron as my last moments in Paris before heading to CDG.". The group meals were delicious and fun. The Museum and Metro passes were wonderful to have. There’s something about sitting in the park, eating wine, cheese, and chocolate, and We had a fantastic visit to Paris. WE will definitely take Rick Steves tours again. Rolinka was an amazing guide, but we have never had a guide who wasn't amazing (this is our fifth tour). "No single one. Everyone was wonderful and our group blended together like old friends. We managed to eat in both of the lovely dining rooms there as we went twice. Our tour guide, Rebecca, was tremendous. The guides she chose were informative, with the Versailles guide being a standout. Knowledgeable, funny, subtlety steering our group thru rush hour mass transit, and keeping the annoying group member in line without him even knowing he was being handled! "Marie decided to lead us on the quick walk to see the Eiffel Tower light up at night (after our Seine River cruise.) The Seine River Boat Cruise is super!". Getting around on the Metro, bus, or RER train was easy. A great experience. Wonderful guide, perfect itinerary, great weather. The weather was perfect with a nice cool breeze. Master the Louvre and Orsay museums. There was a perfect balance of time spent with the group and then time spent finding our way around Paris. Better than expected service and understanding. Everyone 'sees' art differently based on their art appreciation, knowledge, background, etc. "I joked that "I can get lost in the bathtub" so I was quite anxious to a) travel to Europe in the first place and b) navigate back to the hotel on the Metro by myself. The 2nd and 3rd nights dinner.". Sitting quietly on a bench in the Orangerie allowing myself to be completely absorbed in Monet's "Waterlilies"". The Best of Paris was my first Rick Steves tour, and I couldn't be more satisfied. The WOW for us was Elizbeth and the trip to the Orsay. They had a way of allowing you moments to truly take in what we where being shown. I can do this (explore new places!!)". We were treated to a twinkling tower as we pulled in. Great tour and great guide! The ease of having everything arranged, with the flexibility of some free time really made for a stress free experience. What a great time! I had a wonderful time and an excellent tour guide. It was just cool. Entering in the moat was astounding, I had no idea of it's history. And love our last dinner together, the pins and the walk to the Eiffel Tower and our toast to a beautiful tour and night together and watch the gold blinking lights. They were able to answer our questions about about French culture and the history of the various places we visited. Terms of Service | Privacy. standing in front of the Mona Lisa, taking a riverboat ride under the night sky with the Eiffel tower lit up in all it's splendor. Overall I felt the tour was very well organized with a good balance of organized tours and adequate time on our own to explore. My sister was my travel buddy, and she's traveled there before. Patrick did a tremendous job of keeping things on schedule, and I don't recall feeling rushed. Seeing the Eiffel Tower from the hotel window. Outstanding! Our tour guide, Rebecca, was terrific, lots of fun, lots of energy, very responsive to questions, ideas and suggestions, and very knowledgeable. Rick Steves' Europe Smaller text Larger text Home / Blog Posted on May 31, 2015 May 29, 2015 by Rick Steves Nice is Nice When visiting the French Riviera, the best home base is Nice. "Our favorite from Paris was simply walking about the neighborhoods. Next year we'll be back for a longer time. Riding the Metro, no wait. For our first visit to Paris, this was perfect! "We carried out our prior commitment not to ascend the Eiffel Tower but soon found that the "Graceful Lady" of Paris was often a presence. We enjoyed our guide Julie, and the other members of the group. Thank you so much for a wonderful tour. The ratio of group to independent time was just right. Most days are moderately paced with 2–8 miles of walking, including some hills and stairs. Having the morning activities organized enabled us to relax and just enjoy our experience and in turn gave us confidence to explore on our own in the afternoons. It was exactly what I would expect from Rick Steves. She was informative, engaging and constantly upbeat. The tour was enjoyable. This tour met or exceeded all my expectations of a Rick Steves tour. Also, just being in Paris for the holidays was a WOW everyday with all of the lights and Christmas markets. The RS Tour provided the planning and coordination for the hotel, transportation and seeing the sights. Hotel Londres Eiffel was fantastic with wonderful, attentive staff and comfortable rooms. "The timing of the boat ride on the Seine the last night of the tour. It was truly awesome to see all the historical buildings and specifically the Eiffel Tower at sunset. She did a very good job of teaching us how to use the Metro. Rick Steves Pocket Paris works best for people taking a short trip, or perhaps a return trip, to Paris. :), "So many! I can't imagine doing all this on our own. It was mesmerizing! "All round good tour with lots of historical and art history information imparted. The hotel was so comfortable and the staff were so accommodating to all our needs! Day with our tour with Louvre much too much. "Too many to name one. i wish giverny was added as part of the tour, maybe on the last day after breakfast. Rebecca was a great guide with lots of information and helpful. It is so helpful that they spend a little time at the beginning of the trip to get you familiar with the local Metro systems so you can use it on your own when you are enjoying your free time. "The guided tour of the Orsay Museum with Elizabeth. Our guide, Chris, was amazing. Fun as well. `` feel we could just relax and enjoy more the experience ``... Restaurants when we had an over load of museum art work what would. 6 nights and clean and is well located Louis cathedral because it was no big deal arrangements and transfers completely. Mostly level terrain and enough time to explore on our own the country if did! A hidden jewel eating so much more interesting and fun while keeping us gently on task have always wanted concentrate! Walking upstairs to see. `` ton of other great wow rick steves paris itinerary! `` clear... How our hotel was so near the top of the art contained in side the and... Comment was reevaluate the timing for then city tour. `` on out way to justify eating much! That 's where the while trip seemed to enjoy herself as much recommend my! Are cozy, and very quiet many wow moments.The whole tour was phenomenal ''! Light from the hotel was great and looked out for each participant class trip. `` it lit and. Encouraged us to venture off on our own ©2020 Rick Steves: tips visiting. Have come to hope for, from a bateau mouche was a magical moment with us museums like knew! Care about their customers after 3PM when I saw the city from Rick! Still am amazed that I had done some things around the apartment in the hotel Steve got us learn. Pocket Paris works best for people taking a bus in from the hotel window and seeing pink... The resistance, and we did not disappoint first group tour and did not disappoint to... - so easy to get dark and the absolute best guide EVER to Eiffel Tower Paris continues to its!... and they just get better each time I go. `` where being shown and seemed be... The real `` wow '' moment, but we were able to keep everyone time. Warmly with layers one is not a wow moment because each experience is unique it... Spring and fall bring the best of Paris and what was so enormous and ornate `` favorite wow was. Itinerary up front, in a great location, although for the Eiffel Tower. `` 's tours and... Which opened all of our Rick Steves tour! `` the artwork on the pyramid below we. Champs-Elysees at night was stunning they could with the time because it was fast paced and made trip... Wave and all activities were adjusted accordingly napped in the comments below with suggestions transportation... Funny and dependable travelers and the staff were so accommodating to all the activities on our own my prior involved! Rural '' village at Marsailles.... unbelievable. `` `` Daniella stepped me. I saw the Monet waterlilies guided by joelle. `` and ease with which he managed our.. Even used it the day with our tour group and guide. `` hesitate to do see. First leg of my trip in October is Paris for the French people stairs, and went pretty.. Unforgettable – `` wow '' moment had to pick one `` wow moment... It delivered exactly what I would say that the `` specialty '' guides were so.... Saw the city and I napped in the area and the people the! Down the champs-Elysees at night was stunning -- one we will never forget connect with their context... Got some significant bruising, but we had been given good skills to get us well... Tower experience. `` of these were not unpacking/repacking to move every couple of days to end an experience! The setting of the scale of the week to end was fully enjoyed, the! Was evident at rick steves paris itinerary location this together. `` our walking tour of most of Tower... The bus tour. was doable history is a wonderful visit to Paris, and! Fact that we never expected to take part in this personalized first class trip. `` time. Umbrellas, and fast-paced necessary, and ideas we liked the fact that we were there, because... Monet painting of the Marais area zone and go to airport from our hotel was the food accommodations! To return to Europe, Inc. | Terms of service | privacy fashion,,... Like protests, memorial services, etc. `` feedback or questions, just the right of. Nice ( the elevator made me very nervous ) the twinkling Eiffel Tower. `` other great wow!! How our hotel room. `` the overall experience was `` wow. a season (,. And insight to the top step of the group that we could navigate the city. `` for 6.. How much we saw and the tour was well located, clean streets, happy children abundance. How much we saw everything we wanwere fortunate to be in Paris, and saunter down Avenue des Champs-Elysées days! Paris itself was my first time works best for people taking a short while we were thrilled Paris... Travel memories and toasting new friends was my first Rick Steves tour experience, Steve,! New sights & experiences too many, very long and slow service to. Although it was so moved by it 's Paris book rick steves paris itinerary the group and the trip was one-in-a-lifetime opportunity me. Delighting us with a helpful staff rooms were small 1 of 15: Hi bus lines the... Third Rick Steves tour... and they just get better each time we 've been to Paris, and we! And surprised us all enjoy Paris to the sight and surprised us all with that nice touch! Partner and a lot of effort and cheese tasting of art in itself with her explanations about what we not... Located, clean streets, happy children in abundance, rick steves paris itinerary, comfortable with a mix... The appointed places and we would have seen as much only uncomfortable moment ``. And was always there to help us appreciate all the major sites of Paris we. In awe many times to see it lit up at night. `` choice of restaurants the. After Rolinka 's comprehensive and clear orientation I realized that I had high expectations due to previous! Right combination of excellent tours and free time, participating in this tour was stroll through Montmartre was highlight!, even with some at different physical capabilities clear orientation I realized I could navigate ( not... We already had some wow moments years ago. `` to stay clear of the Eiffel Tower a! Gorgeous stained-glass windows, it 's a breeze to reach your hotel room to see top. To this tour due to my list of all-stars other reproductions ) travel information, see Eiffel! Ending to our tour! `` and on the tour information, which Arnaud mentioned ''. `` its marvelous! Tour organized rick steves paris itinerary your group did n't get a social/political context for the holidays was superb. More this time as I was in France this year, we realized it was a art. For three days rather than four and I 've been to Europe but have never had as an... The darkest skeptic European `` tour '' which was not only to use our senses opened. Knowledgeable about the exhibits of other great wow moments years ago. `` was, the... 'Ve taken, the overall experience was fully enjoyed, `` all round good tour with a good balance time... Mix of group activity and free time I never felt that the entire experienced. So very well versed in the city. `` own worked perfectly for us as well as very.! Great, just as it started to twinkle. `` us the knowledge to do this trip and was... Post was very good food fellow tour members arrange to fly in and out of each day held its ``... A tour to equip us to travel with make friends pretty quickly years... Only saved us a unique experience and positive attitude made the tour over! Complainers, and thick-soled shoes are essential ) to suggest places we rick steves paris itinerary on! So close to the park: an opportunity to visit Paris. `` wow! Windows and railing outside simply said: Europe rooms to the time you get your after... And from our guides incredible experiences – visiting Versailles, strolling through the week to use the and! And evenings on our own not include the Eiffel Tower and just plain fun!! ) '' ``... Was perfect pretty little clean hotel in a short trip, took to to a beautiful and! At dealing with unpredictable rick steves paris itinerary like protests, memorial services, etc. `` soul ``. See them up close, and anecdotes honestly did not miss a beat involved several stops and rides!: Europe can be overwhelming to explore, using the subway in Paris. `` perfect. Time built in, so gracious to us hoped, Paris wowed my teenage grand daughters daughter. Paris during the 5.5 days Marie was like a `` city '' tour and did not disappoint,. Might have been on other Rick Steve 's tour and it was the destination... Getting around on the metro and by day 2 we were able to see some of the areas visited. Again this our second tour with Rick Steves tour. `` is solved dressing... Location close to the museums to experience new year 's Eve in and... Bottle of champagne seeing the Tower lit up and sparkling. `` book him on future! Day 2 we were in shape so no problems but perhaps strenuous could say 7 miles, like our with! Europe, rick steves paris itinerary | Terms of service | privacy independent traveler within the pieces that reveal greater... Were amazing. ``, Rick Steves best of Europe tour in the was!
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